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Group Institutions Representative (GIR)


Welcome to the Area 53 Correctional Facilities Committee (CFC).  Please use the form on this page to provide us with your contact information or update your existing contact information. 


Thank you for your willingness to service as a Group Institutions Representative (GIR).  We strongly encourage that you attend the quarterly CFC meetings. We have found that we best carry the message into institutions when we take advantage of the shared experience of others.


We strongly urge you to get the permission of a group conscience to display a corrections jug at your group.  All jug money is used in the purchase and distribution of literature to AA members inside the walls.  Money collected in the jug may be sent to Area 53 CFC Treasurer at PO Box 1201, Columbus, OH 43216 nd include your Group name.  Payments with no Group name will be credited to the individual who wrote the check or money order.  We will also accept contributions at the quarterly meetings, but recommend that group contributions be sent in early to the PO Box. The committee will also accept book or Grapevine donations at our quarterly meetings.


In addition to the Literature program, Area 53 CFC assists in the coordination of the Correspondence and Temporary Contact programs. Please see the related sections of our website for further details on these programs.  We truly appreciate your assistance as a GIR in announcing these programs and opportunities for service at your home groups.

If you have any questions regarding the responsibilities of a GIR or would like more information, please review the documents if the GIR section of our Document Archive, or contact us at  Thank you for your service and we look forward to seeing you at the next Area 53 CFC quarterly meeting.

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