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The Pre-Release service connects the AA member being released from prison with Alcoholic Anonymous in their community.  When the soon-to-be released inmate writes Area 53 CFC, we match that person to a Temporary Contact in their area.  If you are interested in this form of service, Area 53 CFC will provide you with the inmates contact information.  We will never divulge your information to an inmate without prior consent.


Experience has shown the importance of a newly released inmate attending a meeting within the first 48 hours after their release. During this crucial period, a Temporary Contact may:


  • Assist the inmate in getting to their first meeting

  • Help them get acquainted to the AA community in their area by introducing them to other members and getting phone numbers

  • Perhaps assist in locating a temporary sponsor or a home group


Further information on this valuable program and sign-up details may be found here.

Corrections Prerelease Contact Information (Inside).pdf

Corrections Prerelease Contact Information (Outside).pdf


If you are willing to be the hand of AA, when an inmate reaches out for help, please complete the sign-up form, and forward your information to You may also complete and submit the form below:



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