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Through spare change, we help change the lives of alcoholics who are incarcerated by providing literature.


Area 53 CFC provides jugs that groups may use to collect change. All jug money is used in the purchase and distribution of literature to AA members inside the walls. Money collected in the jug may be sent to:


Area 53 CFC Treasurer

PO Box 1201

Columbus, OH 43216


Please include your Group name.  Payments with no Group name will be credited to the individual who wrote the check or money order.  


Area 53 CFC uses the literature contributions to buy books and pamphlets from Central Office.  Literature is then distributed inside institutions through Outside Sponsors.  For more information on Outside Sponsors, please see the related section of this website.


If you are an Outside Sponsor and would like to request literature, please compete the order form and submit to or contact the Literature Representative. You may also create and submit a literature request online by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.


Please note that any operating expenses of the committee are paid by Area 53 and do not come out of the jug money.

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